A Common Language
By Wes Simmons

X. Y. Z. Motion. Shotgun. Pistol. Center. Rover. Mike. Sam. Wheel. Dig. Slant. H. 3 Tech. Fire. Flat. Cover 4.

Unless you know football, the string of words above most likely seems random and confusing. It’s hard make any association between them at all unless you’ve studied the game, coached the game, or been a player on the gridiron. Gridiron. There’s another one! The reality is that each sport has a unique language that is spoken and understood by those who are associated with it.

As every coach knows, terminology matters. Regardless of the sport, athletes need to understand the language of the game before they can effectively execute the skills and strategies of the game. For a team to achieve at its highest level, everyone needs to be on the same page and using the same vocabulary. A common language will help align the sails.

One of the greatest long-term benefits that occurs when an athletic department goes through our 3D training is that it creates a common language that crosses any barriers that may exist between different sports. Language is important because language profoundly shapes culture. If you want to cultivate a transformational culture on your team or in your athletic organization, an important first step is to establish a common language with the staff. Once the common language is established, you can seek to reinforce the language in daily conversations.

Remember, as human beings, it’s difficult to think beyond our own vocabulary. Our thoughts are often hemmed in by the boundaries of our vocabulary. This is an important point because all external behavior is derived from internal thoughts. To change a culture, it starts with how the leaders think. Our 3D Coaching training creates a common language that in turn unleashes new levels of creativity.

If you have never taken the 3D journey, you can sample the 3D Coaching training for free at www.becomea3dcoach.com.

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