12-Year-Old Burnout

“Our sincere hope is that this phenomenon called “12-year-old burnout” will soon be regarded as an anomaly of the past.” – Read More

A Common Language

“For a team to achieve at it’s highest level, everyone needs to be on the same page and using the same vocabulary. A common language will help align the sails.” – Read More

A Life Well-Lived

“There is no greater testimony and verification of a life well-lived than the life altering acknowledgments from so many others.” – Read More

Be The Best You Can Be

“If you neglect any aspect of your being, that would be by definition to not be the best you can be!” – Read More

Building a Culture of Trust

“To establish a culture of trust, it’s helpful to think about how trust needs to work for an athlete in 3 directions: upward, inward and outward.” – Read More

Diminishing Problems by Investing in the Right Solutions

“As a leader in the sports world, we need you to be PROACTIVE instead of reactive when it comes to keeping sports on the right track in your community.” – Read More

Favorite Course Reviews

“As coaches embark upon a journey of understanding the 3D framework, they begin to discern with clarity their transformational purpose.” – Read More

Frustrated Coaches

“Power can and will be abused, so it’s important to remember that positional power is not the same as the power that comes from relational trust.” – Read More

Goals vs. Purpose

“We must see purpose beyond our goals because every goal will eventually become a piece of history. ” – Read More

Great Power Requires Great Character

“Great POWER requires great CHARACTER for it to be a blessing and not a curse.” – Read More


“The helicopter approach to governing our kids’ lives doesn’t seem to be working out so well for the kids!” – Read More

Influencing the Influencers

“Through her negativity, she demanded that I show her I cared. Once I did, she was willing to give me her best.” – Read More

Investing in the Culture You Want to Create

“You must invest in the culture you want to create. This may require a new perspective on how you use the resources you have.” – Read More

Just Let Them Play!

“What are we doing systemically wrong that 75% of the kids quit sports after a few short years?” – Read More

Leading For Change

“Very few things have the capacity to stunt our growth like an attitude of contentment does.” – Read More

Locker Room Talk

“If our sports culture is part of the problem, then as 3Dimensional Coaches we have the responsibility to be part of the solution.” – Read More

Mastering Emotions

“Don’t be mastered BY your emotions. Define your “WHY” and allow your purpose to reign OVER your emotions.” – Read More

Motivation: The Essence of Coaching

“A coach is somebody who gets people to do what they DON’T want to do in order to obtain that which they DO want to obtain.” – Read More

Podcast: 90% Mental Podcast Featuring Wes Simmons

“Check out this great podcast from @gfpmindset to learn more about #3DCoaching” – Listen

Podcast: Coach Stone Podcast Featuring Wes Simmons

“Check out this great podcast from @Coach_Stone_MT to learn more about #3DCoaching” – Listen

Powerbrokers of Sport

“The best leaders understand that the power they possess should be kept in balance with an attitude of humility and a posture of serving.” – Read More

Questions to Ask

“In the 21st century, a key to great leadership is a strategy to capture hearts. So, what is your STRATEGY?” – Read More

Raising Your Level

“When the level of joy in a program increases, the athletes’ collective attitude and effort will elevate with it.” – Read More

Recovering Honor in Sport

“If you don’t teach and model honor and respect for all then you are assuming that every home environment is teaching and modeling it for your athletes.” – Read More

Reigniting the Fire

“There has never been a more difficult time to coach than right now. There has never been a more rewarding time to coach than right now either! However, we must first help coaches define WHY they coach.” – Read More

Rights vs. Responsibilities

“In a transformational culture, athletes should understand that seniority and athletic success does not earn them more RIGHTS. ” – Read More

Seeing With New Eyes

“The 3D Coaching framework helps coaches see their athletes with new eyes in a new way.” – Read More

Short Sighted Vision

“As coaches when we allow ourselves to be consumed by a singular goal like winning, we fail to develop the whole player and build a culture that teaches so much more than how to win” – Read More


“Don’t mistake activity with achievement.” – John Wooden – Read More

Take More Risks

“The bottom line is this. If we never take any risks, we will never achieve our dreams.” – Read More

The 3D Coaching Success Factor

“The culture you establish must have the factors of success, within the 3D Framework, woven throughout it.” – Read More

The Biggest Game of Our Life

“When we sift through the pandemic’s path of destruction and look deep inside the pitch black cloud overhead we see a textbook example of life imitating athletics. ” – Read More

The Dark Side of Glory

“When you start getting your life right you start getting your relationships right.” – Read More

The “IT” Factor

“You could say that these coaches had the “it” factor.” – Read More

The Magic Bullet for Happiness

“The clearer we can state our purpose, the more accurately we can pursue it, and the more powerful its effect.” – Read More

Transactional vs. Transformational Coaching

“Transactional coaching is focused on actions. It’s about performance. Transformational coaching is focused on the person.” – Read More

Uncharted Waters

“We demand our athletes get out of their comfort zone, but sometimes we are unable to do it ourselves.” – Read More

Understanding is the Basis of Care

“If we don’t know the purpose of something, we will misuse it, abuse it, and/or frustrate the original purpose of it.” – Read More

Using the 3D Framework to Teach Non-Cognitive Skills

“Non-cognitive skills have been shown through research to be excellent predictors of numerous successful life outcomes such as academic achievement, workplace performance, and leadership effectiveness.” – Read More

What’s Your Story?

“We are not wired to remember details, but we do remember stories. If you want people to comprehend your message, you need to tell them a story.” – Read More