3D Team Captains FAQ’s

Who is the 3D Institute?

The 3D Institute was established in 2014 to come alongside sport administrators in a quest to help meet the growing professional development needs of the international coaching community. Historically, 3DI has trained sport leaders from over 60 countries to lead according to the 3D framework. The 3D framework empowers leaders to maximize the performance of their teams and leave a powerful legacy of impact in the lives of those they lead. Through this project, in partnership with The Joseph Company, 3DI is contextualizing the 3D framework to be made applicable for the business community as well.

What is the 3D Framework?

The 3D Framework consists of three dimensions: Skillset, Mindset, and Heartset. The framework helps leaders be intentional about being fundamentally sound (1st Dimension), skilled at coaching the mind (2nd Dimension), and focused on capturing the heart (3rd Dimension) with practical strategies to do so.

What is the 3D Journey?

The 3D Journey is a journey of learning to understand the 3D framework. It consists of engaging in the process of rethinking and reforming in our various leadership roles in an intentional effort to help the people we lead to thrive in all aspects of their being.

What is The Joseph Company?

The Joseph Company is the company of leaders from our community who are taking the 3D Journey together. To help fund this initiative, The Joseph Company is also a “Field of Interest Fund” set up at the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri. This fund has been resourced by grant funding and generous community members who want to make this training available at no cost to any company/organization in Buchanan County, MO who desires to participate. Click here to learn more about the The Joseph Company’s origins.

Who should participate?

For now, think “coaches.” In other words, leaders who have responsibility to help coach or lead a team of people in an organization. We desire for the leadership within organizations to take this journey first.

How much does this cost?

Thanks to generous supporters from our community, there is no financial cost to participating organizations. The only cost we are asking is this: value this initiative enough that you give ample time, attention and thought to how this training can be implemented to impact your organization and the community at large.

What ongoing support will be provided?

At the April 29th breakfast for facilitators, we answered questions, explained the online registration process, went over supporting resources, did some initial training, and established a calendar for ongoing support. This was recorded, and can be viewed in the last module of the 3D Community: St. Joseph, MO course.

Team Captains will have direct access to 3DI staff to help with technical support and representatives from The Joseph Company for other needs as well.

Also, in September 2022, we will launch Season 2 of The Joseph Company leadership breakfasts. This will allow us to continue uniting and empowering our community leaders to make an impact in a large group environment.

What is a Team Captain?

A Team Captain is someone who commits to participating in the 3D Journey and facilitating a group (their Team) through the same journey.  It is part cheerleader, part liaison, and part administrator.  But a Team Captain is a participant just like everyone else.

What skills does a Team Captain need?

A Team Captain really only needs to be literate.  Organization and an ability to follow through are traits we would like as well.  But there is no special talent needed.  All of the materials are provided and you are simply tasked with reading the questions and brokering a discussion with your Team.

How often will the Team meet?

Teams will meet monthly to discuss the current Module.  The online video content is about 30 minutes (per month).   Each participant will reflect in their own journals to bring to the meeting for discussion and application.

What is a meeting like?

A Team meeting is really what the participants make of it.  We envision lots of discussion around open-ended questions based on the thoughts each participant had during the month.  If participants do not complete their own personal journals, then the discussion will be notably less interesting and impactful.  We expect a Team Captain to address members of the Team who do not hold up to their commitment.

How big is a Team?

Teams could be anywhere from three to twelve members, with our recommendation being 6-10.

Who else is doing this?

The St. Joseph School district is having all of their 1500+ employees go through the 3D training There is a separate version for educators, but it is based on the same concepts.  All coaches in the SJSD and many independent coaches are doing the sports version.

The 3D Business version is designed for any organization, large or small, for-profit or non-profit.

What will a Team Captain get?

Team Captains will get training specific to leading the Team meetings, advanced access to the materials, facilitation helps, and the opportunity to develop their own leadership.  You also will get a front-row seat to the impact and legacy that the 3D Journey creates.

What is the training like?

The online program consists of 1 module per month. Each module is broken up into 6-10 units each. Each unit is 3-5 minutes in length.  The total monthly video time is approximately 30 minutes. 

Each month (module) is a coherent theme that is an integral part of the 3D Journey.

Perhaps more important than the online videos is the personal journal and the Team meetings. We believe that sharing the journey is an important part of solidifying the concepts and gaining enough inertia to effect the change you would like to see.

What does a Team Captain DO?

First and foremost, participate in the 3D Journey, just like everyone else.  “You can’t be a tour guide to a place you’ve never been.”  

For the monthly Team meetings, the Team Captain will contact everyone to remind them of the meeting time and place, and be prepared to lead the discussion at the meeting.  For those that require it, a follow-up is encouraged.  

If there are any questions or concerns, a Team Captain will contact 3DI to get answers.

Why does this work?

  • Group power
  • Conversations that matter

What topics will The Journey cover?

The nine modules (months) of the Journey cover:

  1. A Team and the Coach
  2. The 3D Framework
  3. The First Dimension: Fundamentals
  4. The Second Dimension: Inside the Head
  5. The Second Dimension: Working with Others
  6. The Third Dimension: Business Culture
  7. The Third Dimension: An Individual’s Place
  8. The Third Dimension: What you Leave Behind
  9. The Road Ahead

How much time does this take?

While the Journey is not particularly time-intensive, it does require intentional, uninterrupted reflective time to be effective.  We estimate the videos will take about 30 minutes per month, the journal and reflection is 30-60 minutes, the Team meeting is 60 minutes.

What are the expectations of a Team Captain?

A Team Captain is expected to:

  • Recruit the team
  • Complete the journey
  • Follow-up with Team members
  • Lead/facilitate the meeting (mostly just asking questions)
  • Be vulnerable and seek to be a model
  • Give feedback to 3D

What content will I be teaching?

You won’t.  Team Captains are not asked to teach anything.  You merely facilitate the conversation.  

Can remote workers participate?  

If someone is part of your organization but not local to St. Joseph, they are welcome to participate by web meeting.  

How do I handle someone who doesn’t want to participate?

Not everyone will see the need or value in the 3D Journey.  We wish to affirm them in their personal decision.  Some organizations will require participation, but do not recommend a heavy-handed approach.  

One of the more effective approaches we have seen is to allow non-participation, but require a formal strategy for developing the Team.  

Do I have to use the Business version?

There are three versions of the 3D Journey: Sports, Education, and Business.   While the language and examples used are different, the material and core truths are the same.  If one of the other versions is better suited for you, by all means sign up for it.  Just notify your 3D contact to get access.

What’s my next step?

If you are committed to leading your Team through the 3D Journey, make sure Alan Hoffler knows of your intent and the names and email addresses of your Team members.  That’s it!  We’ll be in touch.