Dwight Nelson

blankAs a Regional Presenter for 3D Coaching, Dwight Nelson has presented for athletes, coaches and parents at every level from elementary associations, to middle and high school programs, to presenting and lecturing in the collegiate classroom.

Dwight has coached over 20 years, both as a high school head basketball and track coach, and the past 13 years as an assistant college basketball coach. He also has coached for North Tartan AAU EYBL and Elite teams for six years. As a coach, he has experienced not only the highs of section championships, NCAA tournament appearances and AAU National Championships, but also the lows and disappointments of goals unattained and dreams surrendered.

He has also embedded and dynamically mentored 3D Coaching within sports businesses and their coaching teams in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. He remains owner, CEO and lead coach of his own explosive muscle training company.

A former AP literature teacher, trained to help teens reflect and examine their lives, Dwight engages coaches, parents and athletes to confront not only the joys and exhilarations of sport, but also the damage and brokenness of it.

“The human heart was never intended to be currency, to be traded for stuff–whether cash, wins, statistics or scholarships. The heart rebels at the price tag. It needs to be challenged yet encouraged, disciplined yet valued, strengthened yet understood. We are more than the sum of our failures. More importantly, we are more than the sum of our successes.”

Dwight’s professional experience in coaching, classroom education and entrepreneurship provides him unique perspective on the environment of sport. motivation and success.

Energized by the possibility of restoring coaches’ capacities to mentor athletes, develop character, and produce selfless heroes, Dwight resides in Ramsey, MN, but presents in the entire greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


Location: Minneapolis, MN
Phone: 763.213.6793
Email: dnelson@3dinstitute.com

Introductory Workshop Outline:

  • Overview of 3D Coaching framework
  • Diagnosing 2nd & 3rd dimension issues
  • Understanding the 21st century athlete’s mindset
  • Developing strategies to motivate from within
  • Knowing practical next steps for the 3D journey

Typical 3D Workshops:

  • School District Professional Development
  • Athletic Director/Coach Convention Keynotes
  • Coaching Clinic Breakout Sessions
  • College Athletic Department Consulting
  • Youth Sports Coaching Clinics

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