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At the 3D Institute, we are constantly challenging coaches to answer the question, “Why do you coach?” A clear understanding of our “why” should govern “what” we do and “how” we do it.

So why does the 3D Institute exist?

Our aim is to help coaches develop 3Dimensional strategies (body, mind, and heart) to fulfill their transformational purpose. With that in mind, our first “what” is to train coaches to understand the 3D Coaching framework. Though we regularly conduct introductory 3D Coaching Workshops, “how” we do this is primarily through our online courses.

Here are some of our favorite course reviews.

As coaches embark upon a journey of understanding the 3D framework, they begin to discern with clarity their transformational purpose. Our online course for certification and/or college credit guides them through this process. Next it helps them create a plan to fulfill their purpose with practical 2nd & 3rd dimension strategies. Along the way, coaches make important discoveries that increase their capacity to effectively coach the 21st century athlete. The training helps coaches:

  • Create strategies to combat “entitlement”
  • Learn how to motivate athletes from within
  • Understand how to build confidence
  • Develop strategies to harness emotions
  • Discover the formula for team cohesion
  • Realize how to effectively set goals
  • Establish a plan to cultivate character

Earn 3 Hours of Credit
towards a degree or CEU’s
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Earn a 3D Coaching Certification
as a 3Dimensional Coach
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Schedule a 3D Workshop
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If you have never taken the 3D journey, you can sample the 3D Coaching training for free at www.becomea3dcoach.com.

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  1. I will like to know if I take the 3D certification. Will it allow me to be able to be certified as a coach ? And will help me expand my knowledge as a coach?


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