George Crace

George Crace began his coaching career as the Head Basketball Coach of a 5th/6th grade team at Morse Elementary school in Cambridge Massachusetts. At the same time, he was a student-athlete at Harvard University where he played football and baseball. George graduated with cum laude honors in the spring of 1972. He then attended Stanford University where he received his Masters degree and then began public school teaching and coaching in 1973.

Now with over 4 decades of service to students and athletes as a teacher, coach, counselor, mentor, and administrator, George has joined the 3D Institute as a Director of Professional Development and Certified 3D Presenter. As a workshop presenter and a mentor to coaches and athletes, George now brings insightful teaching and practical strategies to help athletes and coaches learn how to use the 3 Dimensional Framework to enhance their effectiveness and experience joy and fun along with the thrill of competition.

George was coached by, and learned from 3D coaches who have become his friends as well as role models. In 2004, his Varsity Football Team, the Wilsonville High School “Wildcats” in Wilsonville, Oregon went undefeated by utilizing a strategy given to George by HOF Pacific Lutheran University Coach, Frosty Westering. Frosty told George when the Wilsonville team was ranked #1 that “Other teams will come to beat you, but if you and your team come to ‘BE’ you, then you can beat anyone!” In other words keep your team culture and identity strong through both the thick and thin times. Always “Be” who you are!

This advice was a Second dimension strategy called Emotional-Control and Team Cohesion. It also uses Third dimension strategies “Identity and Purpose”. George said that teaching these strategies during the regular season were essential to their state championship victory game. At the beginning of the third quarter in their final game, the Wildcats had uncharacteristically fallen behind. As the players realized their urgent need to step up as a “TEAM” and “Be” who they were meant to be, they dominated the rest of the game. The Wildcats pulled together with great “Skill Set”, “Mind Set”, and Heart Set” competing in total alignment in all Three Dimensions!

Coach Crace has given thousands of hours presenting materials that align with this 3D Framework of “Skill Set, Mind Set, and Heart Set”. He has shown players, coaches and parents how they can control their emotions, change their thoughts, and thus change their actions so as to have “Character” in everything they do.

George and Donna, his wife of 32 years, frequently travel the Western United States to visit Schools, Athletic Directors, and Coaches who are interested in using the 3D Framework. They also use the travel opportunities to visit their 4 children and 7 grandchildren who have migrated from the state of Oregon to venture out to Washington, Idaho, and Arizona.


Location: Wilsonville, OR
Phone: 503.459.9990


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Introductory Workshop Outline:

  • Overview of 3D Coaching framework
  • Diagnosing 2nd & 3rd dimension issues
  • Understanding the 21st century athlete’s mindset
  • Developing strategies to motivate from within
  • Knowing practical next steps for the 3D journey

Typical 3D Workshops:

  • School District Professional Development
  • Athletic Director/Coach Convention Keynotes
  • Coaching Clinic Breakout Sessions
  • College Athletic Department Consulting
  • Youth Sports Coaching Clinics

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