Goals vs. Purpose
By Wes Simmons

A primary objective of our 3Dimensional Coaching training is to help coaches develop a strategy in all 3Dimensions to fulfill their transformational purpose as a coach. For this to happen, it is imperative that coaches understand the difference between goals and purpose. Though goals and purpose can be easily confused, there are some distinct differences. Here are a few:

  • Goals are usually a “what.” Purpose is a reason “why.”
  • A goal tends to be task-oriented. Purpose tends to be relationship-oriented.
  • A goal is usually time-bound and measurable. Purpose tends to transcend limits of time and is mostly immeasurable, at least in the immediate time frame.

At the 3D Institute, we recognize and affirm that goals play an important role in the building of a successful program. That’s why we dedicated 2 of the 25 Modules in our 3D Coaching Course for Certification and Course for College Credit to helping coaches understand how to effectively set goals. We train coaches to understand the difference between Outcome Goals, Performance Goals, and Process Goals, and what role they each should play in our every day coaching. We also train coaches to understand that Goals are a 2nd Dimension issue. Purpose is a 3rd Dimension issue.

Though goals are important, it’s also important to remember that goals are specific events that take place within a specific time. We must see purpose beyond our goals because every goal will eventually become a piece of history. Goals make great signposts for a journey, but a greater understanding of purpose is the key to keep us moving forward over the long-haul.

An important part of defining your transformational purpose is to carve out enough time to forecast the legacy you want to leave.  At the end of your career, how do you want to be remembered? What legacy will you leave as a coach?

We want to help you discover your “WHY” and fulfill your transformational purpose. The 3D Coaching framework can help you with the “WHAT” and the “HOW.” My encouragement is to not overthink it and keep it simple. I believe that if you let the Golden Rule be your guide, in the end you will have made a difference and you will be proud of the legacy you left as a coach.

If you have never taken the 3D journey, you can sample the 3D Coaching training for free at www.becomea3dcoach.com.

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