Investing in the Culture You Want to Create
By Wes Simmons

As leaders, it is our job to provide opportunities for the people we lead to grow. The most effective leaders commit to putting their people on personal growth plans that are designed to hone their strengths and improve their weaknesses. At the 3D Institute, we want to help.

The aim of our 3Dimensional Coaching training is two-fold:

  1. To help coaches improve as individuals so they can live out their transformational purpose
  2. To increase their capacity to help athletes do the same

To help coaches reach their potential, we believe that administrators need to provide:

  • A baseline of training that creates a clarity of purpose and an alignment of effort for ALL coaches in the department
  • Regular mentoring opportunities to foster continual growth
  • Ongoing training and resources that provide the necessary support for the growth that takes place

You must invest in the culture you want to create. This may require a new perspective on how you use the resources you have. Don’t look at your budget and allow it to determine what you can afford. Rather, look at your culture and determine what you can’t afford to be without! Then, adjust your budget as necessary.

To help you think through and clarify the culture you want to create, we’ve created a FREE course called 3D Coaching for Administrators. We believe this course will not only increase your leadership capacity as an administrator, but it will also help you understand first-hand what the 3D Coaching journey is all about should you decide to provide this training opportunity for your coaches.

Enroll Now!

“The training opens the eyes to our coaches to understand that relationship building is an integral part of their profession and how building a culture of trust and good character is the road to championships. 3Dimensional Coaching allows student-athletes to grow and develop into the players they were intended to be. That is what educational athletics are all about. Tremendous training!”
Herman House
District Athletic Director
Tuscon Unified School District

If you have never taken the 3D journey, you can sample the 3D Coaching training for free at

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