Jacob Anderson, M.Ed., C.S.C.S.

blankFor over 15 years, Jacob has worked passionately in the field of strength and conditioning. As a 3D coach and presenter his, desire is to help coaches and athletes see their lives transformed through sport. Whether youth or professional and regardless of the type of sport, the goal is always the same: to empower others to see that they are able to accomplish more than they thought possible.

Jacob obtained his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Iowa State University and his Master’s degree in Higher Education from the University of Iowa. The two fields of study merged his passion for performance enhancement with his gift for teaching. While attending Iowa State University and the University of Iowa, Jacob served as a performance enhancement coach for a variety of sports programs. Since 2002 Jacob has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).

After receiving his Masters degree, Jacob accepted the position of head coach for strength and conditioning at Central College. In his eight years as head coach, he developed a comprehensive internship program that trained multiple interns, he taught in the Exercise & Sports Science department, and in 2008 he was named the AFCA Samson National Strength Coach of the Year.

Jacob and his family have made Turkey their home since 2012. He is married to Stephanie and they have two fun-loving children, Luke and Abigail.


Location: Eskişehir, Turkey
Email: jacob@isportsi.org



Introductory Workshop Outline:

  • Overview of 3D Coaching framework
  • Diagnosing 2nd & 3rd dimension issues
  • Understanding the 21st century athlete’s mindset
  • Developing strategies to motivate from within
  • Knowing practical next steps for the 3D journey

Typical 3D Workshops:

  • School District Professional Development
  • Athletic Director/Coach Convention Keynotes
  • Coaching Clinic Breakout Sessions
  • College Athletic Department Consulting
  • Youth Sports Coaching Clinics

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