Kade Klemke

Kade Klemke has spent the last 8 years coaching and is always looking to improve himself and others around him. Kade loves his sport and has been involved in cricket, tennis, athletics, swimming, and AFL. He is one of the youngest coaches to be currently coaching at State League Level (NEAFL) where he has won a premiership. He is also a level 3 AFL coach and has been involved at the highest level (AFL). He has seen the good and bad of coaching and wants to help other coaches leave a legacy by becoming a 3Dimensional Coach.

3Dimensional Coaching is not just growing around the country but around the world.


Location: Queanbeyan, NSW
Email: kade.klemke@hotmail.com



Introductory Workshop Outline:

  • Overview of 3D Coaching framework
  • Diagnosing 2nd & 3rd dimension issues
  • Understanding the 21st century athlete’s mindset
  • Developing strategies to motivate from within
  • Knowing practical next steps for the 3D journey

Typical 3D Workshops:

  • School District Professional Development
  • Athletic Director/Coach Convention Keynotes
  • Coaching Clinic Breakout Sessions
  • College Athletic Department Consulting
  • Youth Sports Coaching Clinics

What Others are Saying:

Select which version of 3D you would like to learn more about:

  • Athletic Directors
  • Sport Coaches
  • Sport Parents
  • Athletes
  • Executive Teams
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Employees
  • Administrators
  • Building Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Support Staff