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Earlier we discovered that God gives us three gifts of grace to help push back against the conforming pressures of sport: God’s word, God’s Spirit, and God’s people. The pressure to win at all costs is so great in our culture, that if we don’t access all three of these gifts, we will be conformed in such a way that we will likely return to being a 1st dimensional coach only. While God’s word and God’s Spirit are powerful means of transformation on their own, to maximize the transformative power of these two requires our willingness to participate in Christian community. As we experience God’s salvation, it’s important to realize that Jesus is not saving us merely as individuals into a private relationship with Him. While it’s true that Jesus desires a personal relationship with us, it’s not a private relationship. In this session, Mark helps us to see the utmost importance of being rightly connected to the Head (Jesus) by being rightly connected to His body, the church.