Community: A Team Without Walls

Chapter 6

Read: Community: A Team Without Walls (pages 129-156)

Themes:  The Importance of Community

Game Plan: So far, we have looked at the process of going inside and began the work of understanding ourselves, our past, our motivations, philosophies, experiences and even our emotional and behavioral triggers. In understanding the cultural complexities and developmental needs of our players, you, hopefully by now, have begun to formulate a clearer, more precise purpose statement that is custom designed according to your gifts and calling in your life.

The primary thesis of the first five chapters of ISO Coaching is the profound understanding that change begins on the inside. We strongly believe that Transformational Coaching results when coaches first take care of their own house – the house in which their own soul abides. In Chapter 6, we start the process of taking the inside work of chapters 1 – 5 to the field! We will look at the first of the five pillars through which the transformational experience takes place – COMMUNITY. We need each other. We belong to each other. We are called to serve one another. We can find no greater call than to the responsibility and privilege of true community. It is no coincidence that Joe starts here, as authentic community is the pillar through which the others find their strength. Chapter 6 also kicks off the discussion of Virtue as the pillar of Transformational Coaching.