“Just Win, Baby”

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Chapter 9

Read: “Just Win, Baby” (pages 210-232)

Themes:  Definition of Competition | Socialization and Place of Winning | Role of Excellence and Empathy in Competition

Game Plan: After spending 10 sessions together building a foundational groundwork as InSideOut Coaches, we are ready to approach one of the most difficult and challenging arenas in the sports world – the arena of competition. The meaning and purpose of competition in sports has changed over the centuries, and 3Dimensional Coaches who are working from their purpose statements are steadfast in redefining competition in order to push back against the culturally dominant pressure to “win-at-all-costs.” This chapter looks at healthy competition; challenges us to confront egocentric driven concepts around winning and losing; and encourages us to approach competition through honoring key virtues of empathy and excellence.