Stepping Inside

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Chapter 1

Read:  Stepping Inside (pages 11-44)

Themes:  Transactional vs. Transformational Relationships | Honesty with Self | The Power of the Unprocessed Past | Impact of Coaches

Game Plan: This first chapter of InSideOut Coaching is a sports biography that Joe writes to illustrate how his earlier developmental experiences affected him. He writes explicitly, at times, about the distorted beliefs and painful emotions that he carried from these memories into every aspect of his life. In this chapter, we are challenged to begin the arduous task of honestly looking at our own stories. When we do this with an open heart, we begin to see who and what is really in charge of us and we are challenged to remove the grave clothes that bind us. Your first step as a 3Dimensional Coach boils down to the profound realization that if you want to transform others, you must be willing to be transformed yourself!