The WHY: The Way and the How

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Chapter 5

Read: The WHY: The Way and the How (pages 107-125)

Themes:  Social Contact | Self-Examination | Purposeful Coaching

Game Plan: In the first four chapters, we have traveled with Joe as he mindfully constructs his coherent life narrative. In this final chapter of the first half of the book, Joe challenges us to continue the heavy internal lifting in preparation for the external manifestation of our transformed hearts. We have learned the importance of understanding our stories and making sense of our past experiences. We have reviewed the toxic nature of transactional coaching and unchecked triggered responses. We should have a sense by now that this process of understanding and disciplining what is within us is an arduous and ongoing task, one that we cannot do without this internal journey.

Chapter 5 requires that we set aside significant time to process through our answer to the FOUR CRITICAL COACHING QUESTIONS. Even though we will come back to this chapter and these questions several times for refinement, the unique answers you develop will be the compass and road map you need for the rest of your coaching life as a transformational coach.