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As “kingdom coaches,” it’s helpful to think of ourselves as from the future. In other words, we are seeking to see with the eyes of faith what the future might look like when Christ fully institutes His rule and reign, and are seeking to coach in a way that looks like that future, now. By the power of God’s word, God’s Spirit, and in community with God’s people, we are striving to discern what it might look like for God’s Kingdom to come, and His will to be done, on earth as it is in heaven in the arena of sports. But since God’s Kingdom has NOT fully come, it is important to remember that we still live in a fallen world that constantly tries to conform us to live according to the old age of sin and death. If coaches do not define for themselves their Transformational Purpose as a coach in God’s Kingdom, the sport world will always seek to define it for them as winning. In this Unit, Mark encourages coaches to finish this leg of the 3Dimensional Coaching journey strong, by entering the process of defining their Transformational Purpose in a series of “Next Steps.”