3D Coaching for Administrators


Course Description

This course is OUR GIFT to Athletic Directors and other people who are responsible for leading coaches within an athletic organization. This course will help you understand how the 3Dimensional Coaching framework empowers administrators to create a transformational culture that breeds not only success on the athletic field, but significance beyond the scoreboard.

“In my 27 years as a coach/athletic director, I have not witnessed anything as beneficial and powerful as 3Dimensional Coaching.”

Jeff Rich
HS Athletic Director (retired)

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As a result of taking this course, administrators will be able to:

  • Distinguish the differences between Transactional and Transformational coaches
  • Gain new insights on their role as an administrator
  • Realize the importance of having coaches define their transformational purpose
  • Grasp what is meant by the 3Dimensional Coaching framework
  • Identify the different components within each of the different dimensions
  • Apprehend the long-term value of training coaches in 3D
  • Recognize the necessity of fostering a transformational process
  • Preview the 3Dimensional Coaching Course for Certification
  • Discover empowering tools to help provide accountability for coaches
  • Comprehend practical strategies to create a healthy culture
  • Learn different ways to engage parents in the 3D process
  • Understand the common outcomes that comes from training coaches in 3D