Coaching Character Through Accounts of Excellence Volume 1


Everybody loves a great story! Stories have the ability to raise our spirits, to encourage and motivate us, and to teach us valuable life lessons. In using Coaching Character Through Accounts of Excellence Volume 1, you will be coaching to capture the heart and transform lives. The stories have a powerful impact on aspects in the 2nd and 3rd dimensions of coaching.

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The 30 stories in Coaching Character Through Accounts of Excellence Volume 1 are full of inspiration. Some of the heroes are well known, such as Walt Disney, who persevered through rejection and bankruptcy to create the American dream, and Helen Keller, who overcame blindness and deafness to inspire others as a world-renowned activist. Other stores are of lesser-known heroes such as Louis Pastuer, who dedicated his life to saving people from disease, coining the process of pasteurization to destroy bacteria, or the woman who began a professional painting career as a senior citizen and went on to sell her work for millions, becoming known as Grandma Moses. The stories contained in this book demonstrate the qualities necessary to be successful in life: identity, character, significance, values, self-worth and purpose. All of these are important components of the third dimension.

How to Use This Book

There are many ways the questions can be used. Here are ten suggestions.

  1. Post on bulletin board for all to read.
  2. Distribute event specific stories.
  3. The leader reads the story and then a group discussion takes place.
  4. Individuals are assigned to read stories to a group. Group discussion takes place after the story is read.
  5. An individual reads the story within a small group. Small group discussion takes place after the story is read.
  6. A group discusses questions during an activity.
  7. Stories and questions can be read during a break in activity.
  8. Reading of the story and discussion on stories can take place at the end of an activity.
  9. Individuals can be given a story to help motivate them under specific situations such as when injured, performance is sub-par, or a person is depressed.
  10. Assign the stories to be read as “homework” by your athletes, and have them write their answers to the questions. (Bonus: have your athletes process the questions with their parents/guardians!)

As a 3D coach, the challenge is to tap into the power of storytelling in an intentional way to help athletes learn the
meaningful life lessons they offer. What will your legacy as a coach be? You have a tremendous opportunity to influence people. By preparing for and coaching the heart, you will make a positive difference in many lives.

About the Author

Dr. Mark StanbroughDr. Mark Stanbrough serves as a full professor and Director of Coaching Education at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS. He serves as a board member on the National Committee for the Accreditation of Coaching Education and has also served as a national committee member for the National Association of Sport and Physical Education Sport Steering Committee. Mark is a certified 3D Coaching presenter on behalf of the 3D Institute. He and his wife Wendy have three children, Bethany, Leslie and Jenna.

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