Companion Study Guide


This Companion Study Guide is a “must have” if you want to maximize the impact of the online 3D training. Whether you are taking the course for certification, or the course for college credit, this resource will enhance your learning experience by providing:

  • a convenient place to take notes
  • a review of key teaching points
  • additional 3D content
  • reflection/discussion questions


The Companion Study Guide will help you chronicle your journey through the 3D Coaching online training. This spiral-bound book can be used as a journal to take notes as you process through the teaching components. After you complete the course, this tool will serve as a quick reference guide to find key teaching points that were presented throughout the course. The 25 chapters of this book correspond with the 25 online modules. Along with a review of the topic at hand, each chapter provides a series of thought provoking questions designed to help coaches process and discuss the content in small group settings. In a typical scenario, coaches will watch the online video modules on their own time, then get together to discuss the content using the Companion Study Guide.