Questions to Ask
By Wes Simmons

According to Dr. Jeff Duke’s research, and according to our experience, most coaches only coach in the 1st Dimension. In other words, when it comes to the things that coaches are very intentional about coaching during practice time, for most they always fit into one of these 8 categories: Strength, Power, Cardiovascular, Speed, Quickness, Technique, Repetition, or Tactics.

Because sport is primarily physical in nature, coaches better be great at coaching the 1st Dimension if they want to make an impact. Athletes are first and foremost coming out for your program to get better at the sport! However, we all know there is more to a great athlete than just great physical ability. We all know there is more to a great team than just a collection of physically skilled athletes. Underneath every helmet is a brain that represents the mind of the athlete. Behind every jersey is the heart of the athlete, which represents their value system.

We all want athletes who “play with heart,” right? In the 21st century, a key to great leadership is a strategy to capture hearts. So, what is your STRATEGY?

Check out this short video where Dr. Duke poses some key questions that every coach needs to ask if they want to maximize player performance and potential.

Our various 3D resources are designed to help you develop strategies to coach the 2nd and 3rd Dimensions just like you have strategies to coach the 1st Dimension.

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