3Dimensional Coaching+ Final

Congratulations on making it to this point in our 3Dimensional Coaching+ course! As we draw near to the end of this course, we hope that this course has been inspiring, motivating and transformational in your life. We also hope that you feel empowered like never before to be transformational in the lives of the numerous athletes who come through your program from this time forward.

In the “Next Steps” section, you began to work on a rough-draft of your Transformational Purpose Statement on the “3D Coaching Final” worksheet. Please locate the worksheet on your computer that you began working on in the “Next Steps” session, and be ready to complete the remaining exercises that are associated with this final.

The objective of this final is for you to have a more finalized version of your Transformational Purpose Statement in writing and a year-round strategy in all 3Dimensions to help you fulfill your purpose! After you complete these final steps, save the document to your computer, and then upload the completed “3D Coaching Final” document to complete this course and receive your final grade.