The Joseph Company

Northwest Missouri’s Center for Transforming Culture.


Promo Video:

The Plan:


The Joseph Company is a collaboration of the most innovative and strategic thinkers in our region. We are united to build our communities on a foundation of purpose and transform our communities by training leaders with the 3D Coaching framework. We are a diverse movement that is striving together for the betterment of all who call Northwest Missouri home.


To transform Northwest Missouri through world-class training.

Areas of Focus:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Sports

What we do:

We help leaders in business, education and sports:

  • Connect with others who are striving together to make a transformational difference in our region
  • Grow in their leadership capacity through world-class training and resources
  • Serve their communities by enacting practical strategies to make a significant impact in the lives of the people they lead

How we measure success:

  • Impact on Education
  • Decreasing Crime Statistics
  • Improved Health and Wellness
  • Economic Growth

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.” – Archilochus

January 2011

Dr. Jeff Duke presented the 3D Coaching framework for the first time in Northwest Missouri to a group of approximately 120 area coaches at the emPowerU facility in downtown St. Joseph.

St. Joseph resident Wes Simmons began a relationship with Jeff which led the creation of the 3D Institute where he currently serves as President/CEO to this day.

February 2014

The 3D Institute was established in 2014 to come alongside sport administrators in a quest to help meet the growing professional development needs of the international coaching community.

August 2020

Local sports reporter Chris Roush learned about the 3D Coaching framework, the 3D Institute and its tie to St. Joseph after interviewing Benton HS/St. Joseph Mustangs head coach, Johnny Coy. This discovery led to the production of a few local news stories like the one posted here. As this story circulated on social media, it caught the eye of St. Joseph School District administrators and school board members.