The Magic Bullet for Happiness
By Mark Hull

Recently I watched an interview of Barbara Bradley Hagerty on PBS’s Newshour where she was discussing her book Reimagined: The Science, Art, and Opportunity of Midlife.

Here’s part of the interview:

“The Happiness Research Center in Copenhagen looked at job satisfaction and what they found is that the key thing to job satisfaction, the most important thing, is having a purpose, feeling like your job has a purpose. It could be that you feel either personally that your job has a purpose or that you’re part of an organization with a greater mission. Purpose turns out to be the magic bullet for happiness across the board. Not just at work but having a purpose in life tends to make you healthier, it means that you stave off dementia better than other people, it means that you are much less likely to have a stroke or be sick, it is a wonderful quality to have. The idea that you have a purpose for life, a reason to get out of bed in the morning.”

The clearer we can state our purpose, the more accurately we can pursue it, and the more powerful its effect. But remember, a clear understanding of purpose only comes through a journey of discovery. Coaches must seek to understand how cultural influences and pressures, along with their own individual experiences, have shaped their understanding of why they coach.

Let us help you discover and build on the solid ground of a transformational purpose, not the sinking sand of a transactional coaching philosophy.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Bullet for Happiness”

  1. So TRUE to all that has been shared!…
    What greater purpose in life than to know that you are being used by God to make positive differences in people’s lives!….

  2. The quote regarding PURPOSE is simple yet powerful. Every coach should have a copy hanging in their locker and read it each day they head out to coach.
    Doug Leclair

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