Dr. Jeff Duke

Dr. Jeff Duke, Ed. D. is one of the foremost experts regarding the cultural influence of the coaching profession in our society. He has developed and authored the 3Dimensional Coaching framework that is revolutionizing the sport coaching landscape around the world.

Dr. Duke is on staff as a lecturer at the University of Central Florida. His doctoral research (Florida State University) created baseline data on how to analyze proficient elite level coaching methods. Request a 3D Coaching workshop with Dr. Duke by clicking here.

As you embark upon a journey of understanding the 3D framework, you will begin to discern with clarity your transformational purpose. Our online course for certification and/or college credit will guide you through this process. Next it will help you create a plan to fulfill your purpose with practical 2nd & 3rd dimension strategies. Along the way, you will make important discoveries that will increase your capacity to effectively coach the 21st century athlete.

  • Create strategies to combat “entitlement”
  • Learn how to motivate athletes from within
  • Understand how to build confidence
  • Develop strategies to harness emotions
  • Discover the formula for team cohesion
  • Realize how to effectively set goals
  • Establish a plan to cultivate character

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