What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?
By Mitch Hull

Not long ago, I participated in a webinar that built a compelling case for how communication is most effective when told as a story. If you want people to remember what you say, don’t merely explain the facts and figures. We are not wired to remember details, but we do remember stories. If you want people to remember your message, you need to tell them a story.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” inject=”#3DCoaching Read more at:”] We are not wired to remember details, but we do remember stories. If you want people to comprehend your message, you need to tell them a story.[/tweet_box]

I’ve put this to the test myself. Admittedly, I’m terrible at remembering names. Embarrassingly terrible! Recently, I volunteered to help an organization and met 7 other people who were also volunteering. As we were introduced, each person said their name and shared something about themselves. The day after we met, I only remembered one person’s name. A week after we met, I still remembered everyone’s story.

What’s your story? Everyone has a story. Some people feel like they don’t have much of a story to tell. Other people have had big issues to overcome in life and feel it would be embarrassing to share those with others. If we listen to our fears, many of us will hear something like: “Why would anyone want to follow me after they know my story?” As 3D Coaches, we need to face questions like these with courage and confidence. Here’s why: Your story is what has shaped you into who you are! Not only that, but you might be surprised about how many people can relate to at least some part of your story.

How detailed you get when you tell your story is ultimately up to you. But don’t ever believe that telling others about the experiences that shaped you as a 3D Coach will be detrimental to your purpose. It makes you relatable and approachable. At 3DI, we believe that sharing your story is one of the most powerful tools you have in building relationships and trust.

To quote an old saying, “An enemy is someone whose story you don’t know.” Think about it. How many people do you still dislike after you actually get to know their story? Why do you think NBC spends millions of dollars to tell the back stories of the Olympic athletes, even those from other countries? NBC understands that when we know someone’s story, we are more likely to pull for them. That also means we are more likely to watch. Those of us who watched “The Last Dance” the past few weeks on ESPN got this on full display. When each person got the chance to tell their story, none of them ended up being the “bad guy” in our eyes. It didn’t mean that we liked everything they did, but it did leave us with a better understanding of who they are as a person. When we know someone better, it creates empathy and we tend to give them more margin.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” inject=”#3DCoaching Read more at:”] …it’s never too late to begin living the story you want to tell.[/tweet_box]

SHARE YOUR STORY. And always remember that if you don’t like the narrative, it’s never too late to begin living the story you want to tell. We’re here to help. Our online training will help you think through those life experiences that have shaped you as a coach. Contemplating your story helps to solidify WHY you coach. Once you determine WHY, the 3D Institute is here to support you with the WHAT and the HOW. Our framework and tools are designed to help you maximize your impact on and off the field of play. When you enact 3Dimensional strategies to fulfill your purpose as a coach, the lives you impact will become a part of your story and you will become a part of theirs. That’s a story worth living.

If you have never taken the 3D journey, you can sample the 3D Coaching training for free at www.becomea3dcoach.com.


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  1. How are you doing Mitch? I miss not seeing you and others during this quarantine. During the past month our athletic director allowed us to volunteer for a online course on Joe Ehrmann’s book “Inside Out Coaching.” I do not know if you are have read his book but for myself I really found it really made me think as to how I related to people. “Am I hurting or helping someone?” was what I thought about as I was reading his book. Mitch, you always remembered me. I hope you and your family are doing well. Stay safe!