Your Dream Coaching Job

Chances are, when you said yes to putting on a whistle and picking up that clipboard, you were fired up. Having the opportunity to pour into the lives of others while coaching a game that you love probably sounded like a dream job for many of you. Here’s the question: How is the dream playing out?

For many coaches that we work with, those dreams are fading fast due to a rising tide of frustration and burnout. Unmotivated athletes, under-performing athletes, over-involved parents, lack of resources and the unrealistic expectations are frustrating coaches out of the business. These weren’t part of the dream scenario that was playing out in your mind when you got started.

Here’s the good news though. We can help you turn it around. Check out this short video to hear how our 3D training can help you turn it around if things aren’t going as planned. Or, if things are great, listen to how we can help you take it to the next level.


“The big time is not a place; it’s the state of your heart. It’s not what lies at the end of the road; it’s the road itself.”
– Frosty Westering

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"...incredibly helpful and inspiring."
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Shayna Daniels | Magnolia, TX

"This course was incredibly helpful and inspiring. It pushed me to better myself for my volleyball program, my players, my family, and most importantly, myself. Highly, highly recommended!"

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" will transform your life..."
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Virgil Amey | McDonough, GA

"Not only is this program transformational as a coach but it will transform your life as a person. It's an awakening experience for those leaders who dare to be different."

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" is a game changer!"
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Scott Weeks | Maurice, LA

"For years I always thought there was something missing in my coaching, but never acted on it. I figured that was just the way that it was. Now to realize there is an intentional process, it is a game changer!"

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" of the line!"
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Ryan Armstrong | Malta Bend MO

I enrolled in this course through one of my masters' classes and I couldn't be happier. The 3D Coaching framework is top of the line! It is clearly one of the best coaching resources I've ever been a part of. I have learned a diverse range of skills and strategies that I will be implementing for future success. Thanks for challenging me along my journey of becoming a 3D Coach."

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"This course changed me forever..."
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Jodi Bushor | Gilbert, AZ

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It helped me step back and think about things happening in my personal life and my coaching career. I liked being able to take the time to complete the course and really set goals. My new purpose as a coach has greatly changed. My view on life has changed. This course changed me forever and I am grateful for that."

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" cannot stop watching."
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Taylor Oestreich | Fulton, MO

"I compare the modules throughout this course to a Netflix show you cannot stop watching. I stayed up late watching a few extra modules each night just because I was so intrigued. This framework has not only made me become a better coach, but a better person as well. I would highly recommend this!"

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"...rejuvenated my passion for coaching."
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Brent Beckstein | Greenville, PA

"This training inspired me and rejuvenated my passion for coaching and teaching kids. I know that I'm going to be a better coach and teacher because of this course."

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"Great stuff!!!"
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Scott Roerich | Valley City, ND

"3Dimensional Coaching is the most beneficial professional development course I've taken in the 27 years that I have been coaching. Every coach should be required to take this course. Great stuff!!!"

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"...pertains to every level of coaching..."
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Kathryn Gomes | Hampton, VA

"The information pertains to every level of coaching, which makes this course a must for anyone pursuing a career in the field. I really appreciated the suggested activities and real world examples that were given throughout the modules. These are things I am so excited about implementing and have already started discussing with my coaching staff. Thank you so much for putting together such an incredible program! "

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"This is a must take course..."
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Michael Kimbler | Graveport, OH

"When I first heard about this course, I expected to see the same ol' stuff with just another spin. Boy was I wrong! In my 25 years of coaching, I've never been exposed to anything as complete as 3Dimensional Coaching. This is a must take course for anyone who truly cares about coaching beyond the first dimension."

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