3D is a framework for coaching built on a foundation of purpose.

We empower leaders to shape their dream culture through world-class training, amplifying their ability to coach in all three dimensions.

What Does Your Dream Culture Look Like?

The 3D Framework empowers leaders to shape a culture that can transform a group of individuals into a high-functioning team; one united in purpose and in pursuit of a common dream.

Great teams are a result of great coaching. 3D helps leaders pursue mastery in the art of coaching and create a culture that drives levels of engagement, creativity, and achievement to unprecedented heights.

We help leaders create their dream culture by leveraging proven 3D Coaching principles from the world of sport and applying them to leadership in any industry.


Executives, Managers, Team Leaders and Employees


Administrators, Teachers, Team Leaders and Students


Athletic Directors, Coaches, Parents and Athletes

An Unhealthy Culture is a Dream Killer

The health of your team’s culture will either help or hinder the realization of your dream. Without an intentional strategy to shape your culture, your dream can quickly morph into a nightmare.

Decreased Performance

An unhealthy culture frustrates, demotivates and disengages people, harming teamwork, morale, and productivity.

Bad Reputation

An unhealthy culture hurts your reputation and discourages people from wanting any part of it.

High Turnover Rates

An unhealthy culture causes people (and their expertise) to leave, leading to costly recruitment and training.

Don’t allow a bad culture to kill your dream.

Shaping Culture Using the 3D Framework

We understand the challenges that come with architecting a culture for success. Since 2014, the 3D Institute has helped hundreds of organizations in over 60 countries shape their culture by training tens of thousands of leaders with the 3D Framework.

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Taught in colleges and universities
Implemented in hundreds of organizations
Recognized by state associations and national governing bodies
Utilized by leaders in the arts, business, education, healthcare, government, nonprofit and sport sectors

Whether it’s in a locker room, a board room, a classroom,¬†or even your own living room, the 3D Framework will enhance your coaching skills, making you a better leader.

The Plan is as Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Shaping culture isn’t easy, but it can be made simple.

The better your team’s coaches are, the better your team’s culture is.

Here‚Äôs a¬†3-step plan to help you “coach the coaches” and create your¬†dream team.

A Baseline of Training

Train your team in 3D to establish:

  • a clarity of purpose
  • an alignment of effort
  • a common language
  • a shared framework

Ongoing Training and Resources

Support growth for your team with:

  • supplemental 3D resources
  • an ever-increasing knowledge-base
  • relational accountability
  • a community to share best practices

Live Out the Dream

Embed 3D into your culture by:

  • speaking a common language
  • systematically celebrating success
  • developing a 3D process for onboarding
  • executing plan for continuous improvement

This Plan Gets Results

Research was conducted to measure the impact of 3D. The study revealed a positive impact on participants in the following 12 areas:

Possessing the ability to acclimate to the changing environment
Being organized, careful, and dependable in the completion of your work
Having the passion and perseverance to achieve your long-term goals
Holding the belief that your potential can be cultivated through effort
Possessing the ability to navigate around obstacles while in pursuit of your goals
Having a moral compass, being honest, and acting with a sense of ethics
Having and pursuing self-generated and very meaningful goals and a strong sense of purpose
Having the ability to bounce back from setbacks and emerge from adversity stronger than before
Possessing an accurate understanding of your strengths and overall sense of identity
Maintaining the ability to control your impulses and delay gratification for a larger reward in the future
Possessing the willingness and ability to do work most others simply are not willing to do
Believing in your ability to accomplish goals

Failing to effectively coach for these character qualities can be extremely costly. It contributes to a culture marked by bad communication, poor performance, unhealthy relationships, frustrated team members, burnout, and a desire to quit.

You simply cannot afford for this to happen.

We can help.

But Here's the Catch...

You can't be a tour guide to a land you haven’t traveled. It's your journey to take first.

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