Elevate your next event or training by bringing the transformative expertise of 3D Institute presenters to the forefront. Our world-class speakers, seasoned in the fields of business, education, and sport, deliver powerful, inspirational, and impactful keynotes that resonate across diverse settings. While the keynotes below are divided into the aforementioned categories, most can be adapted for any audience in any sector.

3D Coaching for Business

For business leaders seeking to ignite innovation and productivity, our speakers provide the much needed spark. Corporate events, conferences, and leadership retreats become dynamic platforms for growth and transformation.

Keynote Overview
Explore “3D Leadership” with Wes Simmons, President and CEO of the 3D Institute, as he uncovers timeless coaching principles that challenge leaders to cultivate a culture of high performance and healthy relationships. Wes advocates coaching in all three dimensions, urging leaders to lead with purpose and unlock their full potential. Don’t miss the opportunity to transcend traditional leadership with Wes Simmons on a path to holistic coaching excellence!

3D Coaching for Education

In the realm of education, our presenters delve into the heart of teaching, sparking passion and lifelong learning. Whether it’s an educational conference or a faculty professional development day, our keynotes adapt seamlessly to any academic setting.

Keynote Overview

Embark on a transformative journey with the 3D version of Gian Paul Gonzalez’s iconic “ALL IN” keynote. Beyond the poker analogy, this version challenges educators to commit wholeheartedly to their purpose as an educator to help meet the developmental needs of ALL students. Picture going “ALL IN” not just at the poker table, but in every aspect of your journey as an educator. It’s a call to passionately invest in shaping the future, betting it all on the growth and success of every student.

3D Coaching for Sport

In the world of sports, our presenters, with their extensive experience, share insights that go beyond the playing field. From sport conferences to coaching clinics of all sorts, they instill the values of teamwork, dedication, and leadership that transcend the athletic arena.
Keynote Overview

Join Wes Simmons, President and CEO of the 3D Institute, in the dynamic keynote “Coaching the Coaches,” where he issues a compelling challenge to athletic directors. With an emphasis on the profound impact coaches wield within a community, Wes urges athletic directors to recognize the pivotal role they play in shaping the coaching landscape. This thought-provoking talk inspires reflection on the responsibility to “coach the coaches” effectively, emphasizing the ripple effect coaches can have on the broader community. Wes imparts valuable insights and strategies for athletic directors to foster a culture of mentorship, leadership, and positive influence, ultimately ensuring that coaches become transformative figures in the lives they touch. This keynote is a call to elevate coaching standards and amplify the positive imprint coaches can leave on the communities they serve.

3D Coaching for Community

The 3D Institute conducts a community engagement series to unite leaders from a community in pursuit of a healthy culture. The mission is create a clarity of purpose, an alignment of effort, a common language, and a shared framework across the following community sectors: Arts, Business, Education, Government, Healthcare, Nonprofit, and Sport.

Keynote Overview
In this compelling presentation “Appointed Time,” 3DI National Presenter Fleceia Comeaux ignites a call to action, challenging individuals to recognize and embrace their appointed time to make a difference. With an inspirational blend of wisdom and passion, she encourages audiences to step into their calling, emphasizing the profound impact that present actions can have on shaping a brighter future for generations to come. “Appointed Time” is a rallying cry for individuals to seize the moment, leaving an enduring legacy of positive influence for the benefit of future generations. Join Fleceia Comeaux on this empowering exploration of purpose and impact that transcends time