Increase your leadership capacity with a dynamic 3D Workshop tailored to business, education, or sports. Our sessions offer practical tools and strategic insights for growth and success. Ignite innovation within your team and elevate your leadership to new heights with the specialized expertise of 3D Institute. Bring a fresh perspective to your organization and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of your industry.

3D Coaching for Business

Elevate your business leadership with our workshops designed to ignite innovation and boost productivity. Our expert facilitators bring the essential catalyst, turning corporate events, conferences, and leadership retreats into dynamic workshops for meaningful growth and transformation.
Workshop Overview

Anyone can become a GREAT communicator. Most people have never been taught. This workshop will show you how.

In this fast, fun, and example-filled presentation, discover three critical principles of communication that you can apply to impress any audience — even teenagers. You’ll develop first dimension skills and strategies to improve your communication that will reach the heart and the head of those you are speaking to.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize pitfalls in your communication that block its effectiveness
  • Apply three easy tips to improve all forms of communication, including lessons, emails, written content, blogs, letters, voicemails, meetings, training, interviews, and personal conversations
  • Deliver messages that your audience will not forget and discover new ways to deliver messages with clarity and impact.

3D Coaching for Education

In the educational sphere, our workshop facilitators dive into the core of teaching, igniting passion and applying the transformative principles of the 3D Framework. Whether it’s at a convocation, an educational conference or a faculty professional development day, our keynotes seamlessly integrate the power of the 3D Framework into any academic setting.

Workshop Overview

Dive into the innovative workshop series “3D Administrators” with Scott Bloomquist, where the 3D Framework takes center stage in providing a comprehensive approach for educational administrators. Scott will guide administrators through the dynamic challenges of leading both staff and students, offering practical insights and strategies tailored to the educational landscape. This series equips administrators with the tools to navigate complex scenarios, emphasizing the importance of a 3D approach to fostering a thriving educational environment. Join Scott Bloomquist in this transformative journey, and elevate your administrative leadership to new heights.

3D Coaching for Sport

Embark on a coaching journey with our workshop leaders, delving into the heart of sports coaching. They infuse passion and impart the transformative principles of the 3D Coaching Framework, seamlessly incorporating impactful strategies into any athletic setting. Elevate your coaching skills with the dynamic approach of 3D Coaching workshops.
Workshop Overview
Join Mark Hull, International Director of Development for the 3D Institute, in a transformative workshop: “The 3 Ingredients of Confidence.” In this session, Mark reveals the secret formula for unleashing unparalleled confidence and peak performance. By mixing the potent elements of faith, hope, and love in the “confidence can,” Mark asserts that confidence can soar, leading to swift and remarkable improvements in performance. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the essential recipe for personal and professional success. Elevate your confidence, elevate your performance – let Mark guide you through “The 3 Ingredients of Confidence.”