The 3D Framework: A Sustainable Operating System

Requirements for Sustainability

At 3DI, we believe that creating a sustainable culture requires a framework for coaching that’s built on a foundation of purpose. Without adequate answers to every question below, then you have a program. Typically, programs only endure as long as the individuals that initially participated are still involved. Frameworks however, can endure over the long-haul. Don’t confuse a program with a framework.

  1. Accessibility: Is the training accessible to EVERY coach AND can it be reviewed as many times as desired?
  2. Leadership support: Do resources exist to empower leadership within the organization to implement the training?
  3. On-boarding: Is there an efficient and effective process to train new coaches as they join your staff?
  4. New leadership: Are there training and resources provided to sustain continuity as leadership changes occur?
  5. Ongoing education: Does the initial training create a pathway for continual growth and a structure that will support it?

If there are adequate answers to all of the questions above, then the final issues are cost, quality and convenience.

The following video touches on how the 3D Coaching Framework can be established as a sustainable operating system for coaches professional development.