Charlie Hellstrom

Charlie Hellström has played floorball at a national level in Sweden but ended his career to invest in becoming a skilled performance coach. In recent years, he has worked as a Strength and conditioning coach for sports clubs in Stockholm, working with both boys and girls, youth and senior teams, in grassroots and elite activities.

Since February 2024, he has been the leader for the western region, responsible for 3D Coaching nationally, and the operational manager for Sweden’s first 3D Center, located in Gothenburg. In his role as 3D coaching leader, he trains 3D Coaches and enables sports clubs to participate in the training, both digitally and in a workshop format designed to suit the Swedish sports environment.

Charlie holds a bachelor’s degree in sports science and is a qualified physical education teacher. His bachelor’s thesis focused on sports psychology, where he examined the training and competition environment of football academies with the aim of understanding and developing his skills in high-performance sports contexts. He also has a Strength and conditioning qualification focused on elite sports.