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Why 3D Coaching?

What if your athletes consistently showed up with a great attitude and gave a great effort? What if they regularly played their best, and also learned valuable life lessons through sport? If you want athletes who are “ALL IN,” you need strategies to engage them in ALL dimensions of their being.

3D Coaches are:

  • fundamentally sound
  • skilled at coaching the mind
  • focused on capturing the heart

If you’re not coaching in all 3Dimensions, your athletes’ performance will suffer and your legacy will be diminished.

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Coaches have tremendous influence.

Our communities need great coaches.

Your role is very important in society.

Pursue excellence at coaching in all 3Dimensions.

We’ll help guide you on your journey.

  • Join thousands of certified 3D Coaches
  • Course ratings average 4.74 / 5 stars
  • Taught in colleges and universities
  • Implemented in hundreds of schools
  • Recognized by state associations
  • Utilized by national governing bodies
This course will change my life! Consequently, it will change my players’ lives.
William Ureta
Gretna, LA
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The Game Plan

How to become aMORE EFFECTIVEcoach

Get Access

Start your 3D Journey by enrolling in one of our courses to learn about the 3D framework.


Watch Courses

Learn time-tested principles in a fresh new way and practical strategies for implementation.

Implement Strategies

Apply what you learn so you and your athletes begin to thrive at an entirely new level.

Get Results

Research shows that 3D Coaches regularly produce athletes who:
  • Learn skills quicker
  • Work harder
  • Recover from injury faster
  • Are more adaptable
  • Play at a higher level
  • Learn life lessons through sport

“…there is no need to wait!”

“3D Coaching reminded me of why I became a coach in the first place. I can’t wait to start implementing the strategies I learned. With the variety of pre-season, in-season, post-season, and off-season strategies available, there is no need to wait!”
Nick Marcin
Farmington, NY
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