3D Team Captains

On 4/29/22, The Joseph Company hosted the “Team Captain’s Breakfast” for those in the community who will be helping facilitate the 3D training in their own organizations beginning in the fall of 2022. Wes Simmons and Alan Hoffler discussed the plans, details and covered frequently asked questions.

Click on the Bulleted-list Icon in the lower right corner of the video player to jump to the following timestamps.

  1. Welcome: Wes Simmons (0:00)
  2. The Narrative Part 1: Video (1:46)
  3. Moving the Mountain Wes Simmons (10:09)
  4. Culture vs Sub-culture: Wes Simmons (13:08)
  5. Team Captains: Alan Hoffler (17:07)
  6. Role of the Team Captain: Alan Hoffler (20:11)
  7. 3D Rewind: Video (21:15)