• 14 Modules

    3D Coaching for Education: Administrators

    Join 3DI trainer Scott Bloomquist in an immersive journey through ‘3D Coaching for Education: Administrators’, a transformative course designed to empower educational leaders. Drawing from his experience as a regional superintendent in Illinois, Bloomquist unveils a groundbreaking operating system built on the principles of the 3D framework. By integrating strategies across the 1st, 2nd, and…
  • 17 Modules

    3D Coaching for Education: Certification

    Course Overview A 3D Educator is fundamentally sound, skilled at coaching the mind, and focused on capturing the heart. Explore teaching across three dimensions in an intentional effort to maximize student performance while aligning your goals with your purpose. This course takes you through a comprehensive exploration of 3D Framework, empowering educators to enhance classroom…
  • 7 Modules

    ALL IN on Your Focused Mission

    Ace your operating system to build and sustain your dream culture.
  • 7 Modules

    Formula for Changing Culture

    Course Overview Explore the relationship between culture and behavior, learning how culture shapes actions and mindsets alike. This course reveals the three ways cultural change can happen and equips participants with a practical formula to initiate and sustain healthy cultural transformation. Ideal for leaders, change-makers, and those seeking to influence positive cultural shifts, this 23…
  • 7 Modules

    Mastering the Heart

    “Mastering the Heart,” a course presented by 3DI National Presenter Fleceia Comeaux, offers educators invaluable insights into the significance of integrating the 3rd Dimension, the heart, into their teaching methodologies. Comeaux emphasizes that by connecting with students at the heart level, educators can profoundly impact their overall development. Through a combination of practical strategies and…
  • 7 Modules

    The Art of 3D Teaching

    In “The Art of 3D Education,” Dr. Jeff Duke, founder of the 3D Institute, intertwines compelling research and heartfelt stories to showcase the power of capturing students’ hearts in an effort to create a meaningful learning experience. Jeff equips educators with simple principles to integrate this holistic approach, inspiring a shift towards a more joyful…