Wes Simmons

Wes Simmons, since helping found the 3D Institute in 2014, has been a pivotal figure in expanding the reach of 3D Coaching from its origins in sports to the realms of business and education. As President and CEO, Wes has leveraged his experience playing for championship football teams under 3D Coaches, which instilled in him a deep understanding of transformative leadership and team dynamics. This foundation has guided him in inspiring a diverse array of leaders from across the globe.

Under Wes’s leadership, the 3D Coaching framework has impacted lives in over 60 countries, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness beyond sports. Wes’s dynamic presentations have resonated with leaders across various sectors, from arts and athletics to business and education, sharing the message of empowerment and coaching excellence.

Wes and his wife Amy, along with their four children, Andrea, Jason, Coy, and Caleb, reside in St. Joseph, MO.