Diminishing Problems by Investing in the Right Solutions

By Wes Simmons

Frustrated coaches. Angry parents. Worn out administrators. Burned out athletes. Unhappy fans. Disengaged alumni.

When things go amiss in an athletic program, the impact is felt on many different levels. As a leader in the sports world, we need you to be PROACTIVE instead of reactive when it comes to keeping sports on the right track in your community.

We regularly receive messages about the impact that our 3D Coaching training makes on athletic communities from coaches who take the proactive approach. Recently, we heard from a wrestling coach in Wisconsin who has been implementing his 3D training for the past two years after completing our certification course. Here are some quotes from a few different people that are associated with his program:


We know that coach cares about us and wants us to be better prepared for life.

The coaches are invested in my improvement as a wrestler and success as a person.


I have been to a lot of awards banquets and have never heard a coach talk about my son growing in emotional control. Thank you.

Thank you for caring about my son and helping him grow as a man.


I experience more joy and peace because I know I am doing all I can to help each wrestler become a better athlete and a better person for life. The 3D approach reduces pressure and increases enjoyment of competition because we focus on the process of growth.

Athletic Director

The wrestling program had more participants, fewer academic problems, no code violations, no parent problems, many positive comments from parents and community and quality performance. This is a great result. I want all our programs to utilize 3D.

Through our online training, this coach has crafted his foundational purpose statement as: “To coach and mentor student-athletes to persevere life’s trials with a loving heart, kindness, and joyful attitude as they make a difference in others.” He has defined his purpose and has developed intentional 3D strategies to fulfill it. In other words, because he has invested in his own leadership capacity, his impact is being felt by all who are connected to the program.

How about you? Are you investing in the culture you want to create? If you invest in the right solutions, you will greatly diminish your problems!


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