Mike Millay

Mike Millay, one of the original architects of ESPN Wide World of Sports, has left the Walt Disney Company to launch his own sports consulting company and to bring his expertise from the business world to the 3Dimensional Coaching movement.

Millay started with Disney in 1994 and helped design the successful business strategy behind Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex in the early 1990’s, including facility design, client negotiations, event programming, event management framework, as well as overseeing the complex sponsorship and marketing efforts.

“Disney provided me an opportunity to work with a great team to launch the Disney sports line of business for the company, helping to redefine the amateur sports space,” said Millay. “It has been a privilege to help lead initiatives that have played a key role in augmenting both the Disney and ESPN brands, and I’m excited to bring that experience to the 3Dimensional Coaching movement to help it make a maximum impact in the lives of coaches.”

During his 19-plus years with Disney, Millay led the business development side of the complex focused on future facility growth, new events and partnership activations. He was a key player in the original relocation of the Atlanta Braves Spring Training home from West Palm Beach, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) headquarters from Indianapolis, and played an important role in helping facilitate the USSSA’s headquarter relocation from Virginia to Osceola County.

Pop Warner Executive Director, Jon Butler stated, “Mike Millay is a true visionary and problem solver. He examines a situation and visualizes a great long-term solution. But, having said that, he’s always ready to roll his sleeves up and dig into the immediate short-term, ground level solution. Over a relationship of 20 years, Mike has been a pleasure to deal with – always professional and personable even in difficult circumstances.”

Prior to joining Disney, Millay served as a pioneer in the now well-established sports tourism industry, having helped create the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation and the National Association of Sports Commissions. He currently is active with several local and national sport organization boards of directors such as the Central Florida Sports Commission, the DeVos Sports Business Management Program and the National Council of Youth Sports.

Don Schumacher, Executive Director of the National Association of Sports Commissions added “There may not be a more knowledgeable person in the amateur sports space than Mike. He has such broad sports and event experience working with the Olympic family, the collegiate space, and all grassroots sports….yet he also has experience with the professional leagues, broadcast and the facility design space….he’s just a very unique and qualified sports leader.”


Location: Orlando, FL
Email: mmillay@3dinstitute.com



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