Story Telling

Everybody loves a great story. Stories have the ability to raise our spirits, encourage and motivate us, and to teach us valuable life lessons. Depending on what stories are told, they can have a powerful impact on all of the various aspects of the 2nd and 3rd dimensions.

Strategy Overview

Story telling has always been a powerful tool for learning. Stories can ignite listeners' imaginations through use of language and visual imagery. Here are some suggestions for how to incorporate story telling into your program:

  1. Think of your own life narrative and the powerful lessons you have learned through the trials of life you've experienced. Share those stories with your athletes and pass on the wisdom you have gained.
  2. We don't truly know each other until we know each other's stories. As a team cohesion strategy, have each athlete write their life story out, and share it with the team.
  3. Find inspirational Sports Movies that tell a great story with meaningful life lessons and process the movie's message as a team.

Stories are a powerful resource for communication and for delivering a memorable and inspiring message. As 3D Coaches, let's tap into the power of telling stories in an intentional way so we can help our athletes learn the meaningful life lessons they offer.


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